Transform your room into your very own galaxy

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Our Astro Story

Ever since we were young we've always dreamed about being astronauts, drifting and floating on a voyage into the galaxy. However, it was near impossible for us, so we decided to bring it to our very own home - now yours too!


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A Mesmerising Astrological Artifact

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Transform Your Room Into An Intergalactic Planetarium


What our customers have to say

I'm in love with My Nebula Globe. It's one of the best purchases I've made in the last few years. It's very beautiful and is so relaxing at night, the colours are incredible! I highly recommend it!

Jenny - Australia

I recently purchased the Neptune globe, and I’m super impressed with the quality. It looks perfect on my bedside table - I make it bright when I want to light up the room, but I also dim it down and make the glow much more subtle which is still mesmerising. 100% would buy again!!

Tiarna - Australia

I just bought the Neptune Globe for my husband and it is brilliant! It looks so beautiful sitting on my desk at night. My two kids keep taking it because they love it so much. I will definitely be buying a couple more!

Emelia - United States