Shipping Policy

Dear Customers

I am writing to formally apologise on behalf of Astro Globes for the delays that some of our customers are currently experiencing with their deliveries. We estimate that roughly 10% of our customers are experiencing extended transit times with their deliveries. Throughout the year and up until late November, our delivery times were consistently averaging roughly 8 days from the day an order was shipped. The majority of our customers received their order within 11 days from making their purchase online.

Unfortunately, a number of orders made towards the end of November and throughout December have been experiencing delays with our couriers. This has led to delivery times that have well and truly exceeded the standard shipping times of 5 – 15 days which we advise on our website. We completely understand and appreciate the inconvenience and frustration that this is causing and for that, we want to apologise. We also want to apologise in particular to anyone who purchased an Astro Globe as a gift for Christmas and have not yet received it.

We are currently working closely with our couriers to try and overcome these delays and to expedite all of our deliveries so that everyone will receive them in time for Christmas. We have been on the phone and emailing our couriers frequently every day, tracking all orders and following up on any delays to try and get every order to arrive in time for Christmas, and in a timely manner in general.

We have temporarily disabled any future purchases from being made on our online store until after Christmas and until we are confident that the delivery times are back to a reasonable length of time that is consistent for all customers. While the affected customers only make up roughly 10%, we strongly feel that this is still an unacceptable portion of customers experiencing delays and extended shipping times, and for that reason we have taken this extreme action to resolve this. We have also started further discussions and are looking into changing our courier for next year with the goal that by early next year, the majority of our orders will be handled and delivered by Australia Post who have demonstrated a much better service and shown far greater consistency with delivery times, even over the busy Christmas period.

We are incredibly sorry and want to apologise again to every customer that has been affected by these delays. We really appreciate your patience and understanding. We are doing everything we can to speed up all our deliveries and hope that we can get all of our orders to our customers over the next few days and more importantly, in time for Christmas.

Kind regards

Astro Globes

All of our orders are processed and fulfilled daily. This excludes weekends and public holidays. Generally, all of our orders are shipped within 1 - 3 business days of receiving purchase confirmation. In the unlikely event that there are delays or errors throughout the billing and/or order verification process, processing times may be longer than this.

We currently only ship orders to Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. We are in the process of expanding our service area to cover the rest of the world.


  • Australia: 5 - 15 days
  • United States: 5 - 15 days
  • United Kingdom: 5 - 12 days

If you have any further questions regarding shipping times and delivery, or the status of your order, please contact us via the "Contact Us" page on our site.